Leander Mienardus Knust

    Exhibition: THE SOCRATES ANNUAL 2018, 2018

    Re-Material Wall, 2018

    Hot rolled steel, reclaimed pine, soil, golden trumpet vine, glass jars, copper sulfate + water, copper piping, rubber coated wire, polychrome wire, solar panel

    10 x 2 x 11 feet

    The solar panel atop Leander Mienardus Knust’s Re-material Wall powers an electroforming process that slowly transfers copper molecules from suspended pipes to individual wires each floating in a solution-filled jar. Over time these molecules accumulate and take unique forms as a physical trace of their carrier electricity while the steel rusts, wood warps, vines grow, and piping disappears.
    Leander Mienardus Knust (b. Philadelphia, PA in 1991; lives and works in New York, NY) received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015. His work reflects an interest in growth and decay, and he uses methods that demonstrate the process of change and ephemera. In addition, he is interested in stripping away the existing category of things and their worth and redefining it.
    Knust’s works have been showcased in The Archer Ballroom, Chicago, IL (2015), Kruger Gallery, Chicago, IL (2016), and Chicago Artist Coalition, Chicago, IL (2017).
    Photography by Scott Lynch & Sara Morgan
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Socrates is open 365 days a year from 10am to sunset.