Nancy Nowacek

    Exhibition: THE SOCRATES ANNUAL 2018, 2018

    MANEUVER, 2018

    Sand, textiles, gold mylar Initial configuration

    30 x 20 x1200 inches

    Four hundred gold-clad and patterned textile-clad sandbags comprise Nancy Nowacek’s MANEUVER, which will take on different configurations during participatory moving events throughout the show. Mixing seemingly disparate signifiers for wealth, collectivity, crisis, courage, and development, the piece reflects the complex nexus where real estate, capital, climate change, and assembly intersect.
    Nancy Nowacek (b. Michigan in 1972; lives and works in Brooklyn, NY) received her BFA from the University of Michigan in 1994 and two MFAs from the Virginia Commonwealth University in 1996 and California College of Art in 2011. Her projects are often participatory, site-specific, and in public space, involving the collaboration to create a sense of belonging and agency in order to counteract the alienation of the current capitalistic society.
    Nowacek’s works have be presented in solo exhibitions in Industry City, Brooklyn, NY (2016) and San Jose State University, San Jose, CA (2012). She has also participated in many group exhibitions, for example, We Have Always Lived in the Future, Flux Factory, Queens, NY, (2017), Door-to-Door, Blackwood Gallery, Mississauga, Canada (2012), New York Armory Show (2003), and the Cooper-Hewitt Design Biennial, New York, NY (1998) among others. She has an upcoming show with the Freshkills Field R/Dart-research project in September 2018.
    Photography by Scott Lynch and Sara Morgan
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