WEDNESDAYS, OCTOBER 2018 – JUNE, 2019 • 4:30 – 6:30PM

Socrateens is an educational program for teens to make experimental art at Socrates Sculpture Park.

We’ll make art for fun, for discussion, for your portfolios, and for an exhibition at the Park in the spring. During the winter months, we’ll visit artists’ studios, museums, and galleries.

While in the studio here at Socrates, we’ll focus on developing sculpture making skills using many types of materials; as well as drawing, performance, and photo & video making.

We’re looking for eight teens from different schools in Queens to fill the program. Socrateens will be a diverse group of [teen] artists coming from different backgrounds, with different skills and interests. Participants will work closely together to support and learn from each other.

>>Participating teens will receive a monthly artist’s fee of $100<<


Douglas Paulson is a Queens-based artist and educator who has done collaborative and participatory artworks in institutions and streets of Denmark, Germany, South Korea, Iceland, New York City, and other places near and far. He loves drawing, sewing, gardening, and hot gluing things. You can reach him at or at 718-956-1819 x 104.


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