Bad Hair (Pelo Malo) (Venezuela/Peru)

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23, 2017 |   Pre-screening performance begins at 7PM, Film begins at sundown

Bad Hair (Pelo Malo)  (Venezuela/Peru/Argentina/Gernmany)
Directed by Mariana Rondón; 2013, 93 mins.

A touching and humorous coming-of-gender story, BAD HAIR chronicles the life of nine-year-old Junior, living in a bustling Caracas tenement with his widowed mother. Junior fears he has pelo malo – bad hair – and for his school photo, he wants to iron his stubbornly curly mane to resemble his pop star idols. His mother has serious misgivings; she suspects her son is gay. Rondón grounds her film in the cultural realities of working-class Venezuela – and, by dint of two remarkable performances, finds warmth and humor between mother and son, even as the uncertainties of pre-adolescence threaten to pull them apart.

Before the film, hear Venezuelan musicians Jorge Glema and Carmela Ramirez perform and grab a traditional Venezuelan dinner from Cachapas y Mas.

Programmed by Film Forum.

Limited VIP seating is available for Cinema Stars! contributors. Please click here to make your donation or find out more.

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