Liberation Day (Slovenia/Norway/Latvia)

WEDNESDAY JULY 19, 2017 | Pre-screening performance begins at 7PM, Film begins at sundown

Liberation Day (Slovenia/Norway/Latvia)
Directed by Morten Traavik & Uģis Olte2016, 98 mins.

Under the loving but firm guidance of an old fan turned director and cultural diplomat, and to the surprise of a whole world, the Slovenian cult band Laibach becomes the first rock group ever to perform in the state of North Korea. Confronting strict ideology and cultural differences, the band struggles to get their songs through the needle’s eye of censorship before they can be unleashed on an audience never before exposed to alternative rock music. Meanwhile, propaganda loudspeakers are being set up at the border between the two Koreas and a countdown to war is announced. The hills are alive….with the sounds of music.

Enjoy a pre-screening performance by jazz-inspired rock band Parlor Walls and sample Slavic cuisine from food vendor Baba’s Pierogies.

Programmed by Rooftop Films.

Limited VIP seating is available for Cinema Stars! contributors. Please click here to make your donation or find out more.


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