Spirit of the Beehive (Spain)

Pre-screening performance begins at 7PM, Film begins at sundown

Spirit of the Beehive (Spain)
Directed by Victor Erice; 1973, 95 mins.
Programmed by Film Forum.

In a tiny village on the desolate Castilian plain in 1940, two young sisters eagerly file into the town hall for the visiting cinema truck’s screening of Frankenstein – the original Karloff version, dubbed into Spanish – with elder Isabel explaining to rapt 6-year-old Ana that the monster is really a spirit who dons his body like it was a suit of clothes. Later they explore a remote, mysterious barn, put their ears to the tracks to hear distant trains, and learn from dad to discriminate between good and deadly mushrooms. But as mom continually cycles to the railroad station to post missives to a person unknown and as dad falls asleep at his desk writing up accounts of his beekeeping, Ana conjures up her own monster/spirit. A sensitive, sublime evocation of the poignancy of childhood. “Arguably the finest and most beautifully wrought first film of the European ‘70s, a mysterious crucible.” – The Village Voice

Beginning at 7PM: Enjoy live music by Albert Alabedra & Noemí Pérez and food by In Patella.

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