Tampopo (Japan)

Pre-screening performance begins at 7PM, Film begins at sundown

Tampopo (Japan)
Directed by Juzo Itami; 1985, 114 mins.
Programmed by Film Forum.

This “Noodle Western” is an exploding piñata of gags on two eternal favorites – food and sex. Ramen joint owner Tampopo embarks on her relentless quest for the perfect noodle, with plenty of tangents on how to cook a delicious rice omelet before the night watchman comes in; how to enhance bedroom delights with a raw egg; and how dreams of yam sausage can assuage the aftereffects of a bullet fusillade. Don’t see this on an empty stomach. “Gleefully sensual and inventive. A  garden of sensual delights that plays like a romp through a surreal amusement park. Creates a culinary empire of the senses while entertaining an audience like crazy.” – Michael Sragow, Film Comment

Beginning at 7PM: Enjoy bossa nova tunes from Masafumi Sakai and food by Ramen Burger.

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