The Gardens and Landscape
The park sits atop nearly five acres of landfill, creating a truly urban feel to the waterfront landscape. Over 90 varieties of trees and plant life blanket the park, from birch trees to weeping willows, from daffodils to roses.

Plant Specialists
Plant Specialists has been a major supporter of the park for over two decades, offering landscaping and horticultural expertise, as well as as generously donating a seasonal horticulturalist. Many of the trees, plant life, and gardens you’ll find throughout the park have been given to the park by Plant Specialists and, in 2006, the company’s owner, Grahame Hubbard, furthered its commitment to the park by helping to enhance the landscape, as well as to redefine and expand the park’s Community Works Initiative Program.

Community Works Initiative Program
The CWIP offers employment and job training to local residents, primarily engaging our neighbors from nearby Astoria Houses. Participants learn basic landscaping and horticultural skills while performing grounds keeping duties and tending to the park’s gardens. The program builds appreciation for the natural landscape, provides marketable skills and future employment options, and offers exposure to the park’s various cultural resources that are available to them and their friends, families and neighbors. The CWIP employees gain technical skills and expertise from special workshops with Plant Specialists’ staff and through the guidance of a Plant Specialists gardener.

Urban Forest Lab Project, by Casey Tang
Located just beyond the park’s North entrance, Casey Tang’s forest garden is a low-maintenance, sustainable agriculture system based off of woodland ecosystems. Forest gardens are typically made up of plant polycultures—plants that occupy an ecological niche in the system. The plants help close the nutrient cycle and attract beneficial insects.


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Socrates is open 365 days a year from 10am to sunset.
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Socrates is open 365 days a year from 10am to sunset.