Learn more about artist Moeinedin Shashaei’s fascinating participatory process for his piece Unum in The Socrates Annual exhibition through our social media activation:

FACEBOOK LIVE: March 12, 2018

The Park’s Director of Exhibitions, Jess Wilcox, spoke with Moein about the inspiration and process for his piece in a Facebook live video:


INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER: February 6th and 7th 2018

1. Find many fun, hangout-able, fine mouths 2. Do the alginate (negative mold) 3. Do the plaster (positive cast 👄) 4. Do the silicone (negative mold) 5. Do the concrete (positive cast 👄) 6. Put them together 7. Make one

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Anna’s hometown has a 🧠. Bianca and Chris grew up south. Kris came to see a movie with Dane. Doug’s a cat guy. David’s mustache is so thick. Emilio’s not as much. Eboney left some lipstick. Jordi wouldn’t give much F; Jess would! Happy had chosen the perfect name. Kazuo makes perfect sushi. I had seen K.J in the train.

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Liz and Lisa did funny. Lina smiled, Mike didn’t, Nina just laughed. Olivia tried scary. Pari relaxed. Quan wasn’t sure, unlike Quinn. Ross came to park from Brooklyn. I went to Rachel from the park. Spencer did a bit of tongue. Tanya said it’s been a while (we actually hadn’t met before! Nor Ted or Theo). Tyras typed “at least take me to dinner first.” Victoria, Valentina, Zin!

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