Learn more about artist David B. Smith’s piece Digital Skin for The Socrates Annual exhibition through our social media activation:

FACEBOOK LIVE: September 15, 2017

David shared insights into his piece with Director of Exhibitions, Jess Wilcox, in this Facebook live video.

INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER: November 19, 2017

Hi !!! I’m @the.david.smith posting today for @socratespark – My piece Digital Skin, shown here, is up now – and the other images are photo-sculptural works that led up to this point. Follow me to see more of my work, process and daily life here in Brooklyn and beyond.

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Here’s some insight into the making of my piece Digital Skin!! I made about 70 wooden bones and constructed an organic skeleton of an imagined being from another time or place. The flesh was made by cutting up past Socrates Artists’ billboard projects and stuffing them with foam pool noodles. These snake-like creatures were woven amongst the bones on the smaller sculpture, and the larger sculpture the skin was wrapped around the padded skeleton.

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I designed Digital Skin so people could walk through in an infinite number of ways – experiencing Socrates’ living history through the cut up artworks displayed on its skin. I feel that the viewers make the artwork just as much as the artists. Send me your photos of how you interacted with the piece to @the.david.smith! Photos by me, @amybrener, @hitaaah, @xtina_love, and @elizabethmeggs – featuring (among others) @jennifer_sullovin, @theoctopiggy, @summerfriday

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