Alejandro Cesarco

    Exhibition: EAF02: 2002 Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition

    Flowers, 2003

    10 receipts, ink on paper, 10 c-prints

    24" x 24" each

    A bouquet of flowers was sent to a selected group of women. A card with the following text accompanied the flowers: THIS SCULPTURE BY ALEJANDRO CESARCO IS SPONSORED BY SOCRATES SCULPTURE PARK. Flowers were sent to: Vija Celmins, Elizabeth Peyton, Roni Horn, Yvonne Rainer, Lynne Tillman, Louise Lawler, Yoko Ono, Rachel Harrison, Andrea Fraser, and Serrie Levine.

    You’ve Got A Friend, 2002

    3 cast bronze plaques

    1 1/4" x 14" x 1/4" each

    Cesarco's work often deals with collective memory. Here, an installation of three cast bronze plaques were placed on the fence along the waterfront. The text on the plaques, lines from a familiar song, are meant to trigger a sentimental mood that will accompany the viewer as they move through the Park. <PREVIOUS | NEXT>
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