Alva Mooses

    Exhibition: The Socrates Annual 2019

    ‘Se entra bailando / You enter dancing’,

    cement and volcanic ash; wooden dance platform

    5 x 288 x 288 inches

    'Se entra bailando / You enter dancing' by Alva Mooses is a gathering of cast concrete sandal forms in a bed of volcanic rock around a modular wood platform that invites the public to dance. The piece is inspired by the Purépecha ‘troje’—vernacular architecture that is nomadic by design and history of the Paricutín volcano in Michoacán, México. Born amidst a cornfield in 1943, the Paricutín volcano eruption forced the Purépecha residents of San Juan Parangaricutiro to relocate and left only fragments of the local church visible. The title is taken from the practice of entering the new church in San Juan Parangaricutiro dancing in order to realize prayers and dreams.
    Mooses invited Dancer Sandra Soto to activate her project with a performance of ‘Danza de los Viejitos’ at the Exhibition Opening Celebration on Saturday, October 5th at 4:30pm.
    To hear the artist speak about their work, dial 646-217-4440 then press #4
    Photography by Scott Lynch and Sara Morgan.
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