Andrew Dunnill

    Exhibition: 10th Anniversary, Part 1

    Fall, 1996


    9' x 9' x 8'

    I am a sculptor currently exploring the potential of steel as a sculpture making material. My sculptures are dense, taut, compact, often interlocking objects that have the potential to implode. I imply movement, turning, rolling, crawling. The sculptures, however, remains firmly rooted to the ground. I draw from a diverse range of imagery: boats, bridges, shackles, locks, clasps... in order to create an ambiguity in the work. I think of the sculpture as a catalyst. The sculpture is an object in its own right, yet has many points of reference and implications. The poetry of an object with many associations. The work installed at Socrates Sculpture Park entitled Fall is an extension of these concerns. It exists somewhere between pure abstraction and real-life form. It embodies notions of the figure-head, torso, limbs, the massive bulk of ship hulls that churn through the East River and the tough, raw industrual environment that surrounds the Park.
    Exhibition: 50 NY 93

    Land Low, 1993


    90" x 68" x 55"

    PO Box 6259, 32-01 Vernon Boulevard
    Long Island City, NY 11106
    T 718 956 1819 / F 718 626 1533
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Socrates is open 365 days a year from 10am to sunset.