‘America (un)known’, 2020Hand-made, engraved, fired-clay bricks; and mortar2 × 7 × 8 feet
Images by Nicholas Knight Studio; Bel Falleiros; KMDeco Creative Solutions: Mark DiConzo; and Sara Morgan

About ‘America (un)known’

Contrasting with the phallic monuments to Columbus and other “New World” colonizers scattered across the Americas, this horizontal circle form of clay-bricks celebrates ancestral and Indigenous forms of construction that bring humans, earth, and the cosmos together. Etched in various bricks are phrases composed by Black, Latinx and Indigenous people of the Americas that touch on ideas of home, belonging, and memory.

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Thank You: Escuelita en Casa, Renata Cruz, Sneha Ganguly, Geoff Stone, Felli Maynard, Yvette Molina, and the Park’s staff: Carlos Jiménez Cahua, Tru Holmes, Eric Matthews, Terrence McCutchen, Chris Zirbes. Thank you also to all the people that contributed to the project with their words.

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