Blane De St. Croix

    Exhibition: International 94

    Vanishing, 1994

    Ceramic tile

    25' x 17'

    My sculpture installation, Vanishing, addresses the demise of endangered species. The act of addressing each species individually and firing it into ceramic relief represents its uniqueness and value. My goal is to allow viewers to interact with and experience the scope of endangerment, conveying a sense of loss.
    Exhibition: Vista

    Mountain Views, 2011

    Fabricated from recycled foam from the World Trade Center site initial foundation construction for Freedom Tower in 2003, as well as steel, wood, paint, dirt, concrete, stucco and other materials

    13' x 36' x 6'

    From a particular vantage point, this sculpture obstructs the skyline and reclaims the city with a conglomerate of transported extinct mountains. The mountains act as memorials to their own destruction caused by earth removal coal mining -- the environmentally devastating energy production method that provides much of the electricity for New York City.
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