Self-Esteem Salon with Jessica Grable: The Self-Preservation Series, 2011

New York artist Chris Verene presents a new installation for his ongoing, live-action performance artwork cycle, The Self-Esteem Salon, established in 1996. For Socrates Sculpture Park, Verene teams up with friend, performance artist and sculptor Jessica Grable, to create the largest version of the performance ever staged entitled The Self-Esteem Salon with Jessica Grable: The Self-Preservation Series. Verene and Grable are working together to build an ensemble of plant life and costumes emphasizing the human need of self-preservation, a custom topiary garden made from cultivated invasive plant species, a 40-foot yurt sanctuary to help strangers/participants make a sincere and lasting change in their lives. The project is something like a day spa, a short time spent in therapy that will have positive results on one’s person life. The artist and his staff of “Group Facilitators” welcome visitors, clients and audience members throughout the duration of the piece, offering a variety of public and private experiences including cognitive therapy, massage (touch and non-touch), costume construction, audio therapy, and other activities that the artist has found to raise client’s self-esteem over the past thirteen years of practice.


Aug 7 – Aug 28, 2011 Float 11