Kit, 1993Mixed media110" × 90" × 84"

I am interested in art that is contradictory: work with no clear, singular “what” or “why.” Although its meaning may not be obvious, the work should announce a purpose, a statement. Viewing my sculpture should be a disconcerting experience. The variety of objects, textures, and materials should complicate their digestion. The work engages the viewer by forcing this assimilation of contrasts.

Bootleg, 1998Mixed media10' × 13' × 13'

I am interested in plurality, diversity. I attempt to confront the notion that sculpture is a singular, digestible object or idea. My art is fragmented; it is a collection of problems. I try to create a disorienting, incongruous context. The viewer asks: Where do I begin? How does this work? What are the issues for me, here, now? With Bootleg, I present a sculpture that furthers this dialogue.


May 16 – Aug 31, 1998 Escape Velocity
May 23 – Aug 1, 1993 50 NY 93