Claudia Fitch

    Exhibition: Outside In

    Garden Landscape, 1987

    Ink and gesso on typing paper

    44" x 8" (Center middle)

    Exhibition: Artists Choose Artists

    Chamber on the Border, 1987

    Steel, wood, chicken wire, plastic foliage

    9' x 10' x 6'

    In inquiring about what a boder-line site might or could be, I added even more chainlink fencing with attaching topiary hedges for embellishment. (The opportunity to work outdoors impells me to construct some kind of garden scenario.) An absurdly defensive, one-sided structure has for its neighbor a wild and perplexing landscape. Thanks to Tony DeVarco, Enrico Martignoni, Gene Flores, Island Fencing, New York Bronze, Cultured Designs and american Christmas Tree Display for their help and contributions.
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