Connee Mayeron Cowles and Fuller Cowles

    Exhibition: Pop Up

    Stone Bench, 1995

    Granite tile

    12' x 5' x 3'

    For the past eleven years we have collaboratively explored surface and volume in a number of ways; from 2-dimensional wall and floor installations to 3-dimensional abstract sculpture. Our new work explores the impact of familiar forms and materials combined in seemingly inappropriate ways. The result is a cool sculptural mass with a hard hitting stone surface, which at the same time is a big, bulging, anthropomorphic couch. The new work is disorienting to view. It is at once hilarious and formal, conceptual and real, soft and hard, portable and immutable, austere and welcoming, utilitarian and elegant. For the viewer, this sight is disorienting, contradictory; a collision of what is and what clearly should not be, causing surprise and disbelief, amusement and fascination — it seems impossible to see the object without needing to feel and sit upon it. High spirited, immediate and audacious, attraction precedes analysis. We trust this work will provide an instantaneous invitation to reexamine assumptions
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