Craig Kraft

    Exhibition: Pop Up

    Falling Man, 1995

    Steel, fiberglass, neon

    6' x 4.5' x 1'

    Falling Man is a part of a series of works, which use negative body casts to generate positive images. By lighting the negative cast with neon tubing, hidden from view, the open container becomes flooded with light and visually becomes a positive form. The viewer, depending on his orientation, can make the image fly back and forth between the hallucinatory positive and the concrete negative form. These series of artworks are sculpted, spectral figures of light which exist somewhere in between positive and negative, hard and soft, light and dark, as if the image was a photographic negative of the object itself. Using this technique of lighting body casts, it is possible to return to traditional sculpture posed. It also allows us to reexamine how figures are created in mirror image, from the inside out. Additionally, non-traditional poses are used to generate powerful, though illusive images. For example, when viewing the sculpture, Falling Man, it is difficult to determine whether the figure is approaching or leaving.
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