Tracing the Origin XVII, 2012Bronze castings (unique)28" × 96" × 72"

In Tracing the Origin XVII, Cui Fei lyrically composes bronze-casts of natural elements (grapevines) to resemble an ancient Chinese manuscript. The elements of this work refer to a former origin or future state–from vine to calligraphy, from calligraphy to bronze. The sculpture, located below knee level, calls attention to the surrounding natural environment, suggesting the connection to nature is still very present The visual experience remains paramount to any potential legibility. The work hovers close to natural and lexical references, but always remains rooted in the abstract and non-objective. Each bronze element is fundamentally sculptural, enhanced by its manmade materiality.

Special Thanks: Ebitenyefa Baralaye, Lars Fisk, Sigurjon Gudjonsson, Dean Hamerly, Jan Staller, Christoff:Finio architecture and Excalibur Bronze Sculpture Foundry