‘Monument for Immigrants (In Advance of an ICE Raid)’, 2020Artificial rocks; faux bronze plaque; burner cell phone; legal information; bottle of water; security box; wood; and steelThree parts: 61 × 63 × 48 inches, 18 × 30 × 23 inches, 25 × 27 x21 inches
Images by Nicholas Knight Studio; and Sara Morgan

About ‘Monuments for Immigrants (In Advance of ICE Raid)’

Reminiscent of the boulder-with-plaque historic markers that are common across parks nationwide, Bejar plays with ideas of visibility both in terms of public monuments and human rights as it pertains to citizenship. In response to recent raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Bejar’s ‘Monument for Immigrants’ provides a utilitarian escape hatch for undocumented people to enter and safely hide inside.

Thank You: Special thanks to Melissa Levin and Vincent & Ruth Bejar.

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Bejar participated in a series of virtual programs produced by the 2020 Socrates Artist Fellows in tandem with the ‘Call and Response‘ exhibition:

In Conversation: Daniel Bejar, Fontaine Capel, Dionisio Cortes Ortega, & Bel Falleiros

Instagram Takeover: Daniel Bejar


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