Villa, 1988Wood, stone12'6" × 17'6" × 3' 6"

The house, doorways, comb, stamp, boulder, cloud, handle, boat. In Villa, the image of the house is intended as a metaphor of poetic image to stand for the individual — occupant or artist. The sculpture was conceived to function on different levels and to inhabit space which lies somewhere between dreaming and playing. It originated in drawing and other sculptures I’ve made.

Socrates Park is a challenging place to work and the proposal made 3000 miles and several months away was bound to develop in the making and acquire an identity all its own. Real materials, real space and real people make their own demands. Meanwhile, the artist and helpers have made many new friends and found stimulus and creative energy in the past five weeks not least by being away from ‘home’. Europeans in America!

Thanks are due to The British Council and Mr. Tom Bendhem for additional funding towards the project. Special thanks go to Andy Dunnill, Imogen Stidworthy, Matthew Tickle, Thanos Maggioros and Larry Tucker for assistance in building the piece. My personal thanks go to all involved with organizing the Park for a marvellous opportunity to build sculpture.


May 22, 1988 – Mar 15, 1989 Sculptors Working