Untitled, 2013Mixed hardwood timbers30' × 8' × 9.5"

Within Socrates Sculpture Park, DeLucia slices the landscape with an imposing wall, and creates a dance of light and shadow constantly in motion, depending on changes in the viewer’s perspective, the weather, and the time of day.

DeLucia’s wall is made of reclaimed lumber that has been processed through a computer numerical control (CNC) router machine. The natural buckling, cracking, and curling of wood both resists and submits to the pre-programmed geometric cuts creating a disturbed moiré pattern. The effect translates a phenomenological experience of screen-based computer models into a physical reality.

From a distance the geometry of the cuts creates a shimmering line that plays between painterly and digital. As the viewer approaches the piece, the vibrating geometries fade and the reality or materiality of the physical wood overwhelms the experience.