‘Croton Arch of Triumph’, 2020Wood Framing; brick; stone; and audio6 feet × 12 feet × 2 feet 8 inches
Images by KMDeco Solutions: Mark DiConzo; and Nicholas Knight Studio

About ‘Croton Arch of Triumph’

This one-to-one-scale cross section of the Old Croton Aqueduct unearths the hidden infrastructure of New York City as an homage to foresight, planning, and public service. The aqueduct, which opened in 1842 in an effort to mitigate wide-spread fires and industrial pollution of local water sources, is a feat of ingenuity, engineering, and cooperation among government, community and private enterprise. Cortes Ortega’s monument suggests that learning from history may be a means of confronting the crises we face today.

Thank You: Karim Ahmed, Reform Architecture, Jaeho Chong, Rob Cusack, Gane Dueñas, Sam Fox, Juan Gaspar, Loretta Lopez, Lillian Rusk, Ioana Scherbakova, Nick Schiff, and the entire Park’s staff.

Audio Guide

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‘MONUMENTS NOW: Call and Response’