Rubber Walls and Bucky Balls, 1991Rubber tires6'2" × 50' × 27'

The piece Rubber Walls and Bucky Balls came from a project I’m working on in my Cleveland neighborhood. A vacant lot beside a factory that was used as a dumping ground has been cleared of debris, and is being converted to a park site by a group of neighbors. The nieghborhood is largely manufacturing, with only a few of us living there, so the park can stay fairly free-form in its construction. The wildflowers and cottonwood trees that already grow there constitute most of the plantings on the site. We plan to form some walking paths and build some picnic tables. The major task will be to fence out the vehicles that carry debris to the site, while at the same time attracting people to it. To do this, we will use the junked tires that litter the neighborhood, and construct a perimeter of tire balls and tire walls.


Apr 28, 1991 – Apr 26, 1992 Grass Roots Art Energy