Galactic Playground, Concrete, paint, text, sunlight 42 feet diameter, gnomon: 7 feet tall, diameter 21 inches

The sun sets the rules of the game in Galactic Playground, Navarro’s hexagonal arena for observation and play. Operating similarly to a sundial, the shadow of the central gnomon points to instructions painted onto the vibrant ground. The artist’s texts suggest alternate modes of embodying space and time within the universe, such as “the sun is a bronze key. Take this key and open an inner door.” Like the way that the position of a clock’s arms direct us to engage in certain activities — waking, sleeping, eating, commuting — Galactic Playground urges Park goers to situate themselves in the vastness of the universe and to undertake otherworldly actions. The texts suggests space and time as relative and culturally embedded.

Navarro spoke about their work for our Exhibition Audio Guide. Listen by clicking below or by calling 646-217-4440 ext. 9#


Artwork images by Scott Lynch.