One Thing Leads to Another: Part 3, 2012Hot air balloon, fan, cement, wooden wheel, car parts, steel65” × 70” × 70” (600” × 600” with balloon inflated)

One Thing Leads to Another: Part 3 is a working installation and multi-media performance, inside an overturned hot air balloon, reanimated through dance, music, and shifting physicality. The project invokes themes of labor, and movement through exploration of multiple vantage points of the itinerant body. Dancers move from one end of the balloon to another, each weighted by various object-obstacles, making an effort to complete specific tasks while negotiating the inflated, changing environment.  Music played by an ensemble of PVC wind instruments conceived by Yonatan Gutfeld around the concept and physicality of an act of blowing. While playing, the musicians participate in inflating the balloon by moving air particles in a way that manifests the idea of labor. The audience moves freely through the balloon, witnessing the evolving narrative.

Special Thanks: Lars Fisk, Philipp Bryant, Tim Robins, Alex Hall, Amy Wickard

Performance events on Sept 09; Sept 29; October 07; and October 20