Fitzhugh Karol

    Exhibition: EAF14

    What’s Progression, 2014

    Hemlock, oil

    6’ x 8’ x 60’

    Fitzhugh Karol’s What’s Progression is a sprawling installation of massive carved raw timbers. Karol’s linear forms conflates the nearby urban skyline with rolling tree-lined mountain ranges.  An expressive and abstracted iteration of an urban landscape, What’s Progression is situated at the intersection of two environments: the East River and Manhattan — further emphasizing the tension and juxtaposition between the two. Karol’s wooden forms are coded, familiar, and sensual. Deliberate carvings across its surface produce intimacy and incidence that evoke the human imprint upon a vast landscape. While a representation of our surrounding environment, Karol’s work is also a visualization of connection and an attempt at reconciliation, bridging the gap between the landscape and human scale.  
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