Active Turn, 2015Steel, digital prints, styrene5’ 7” × 4’ 5” × 4’ 5.5”

Freya Powell’s Active Turn creates an intimate and illusionist landscape along the park’s waterfront. Looking into Powell’s steel zoetrope reveals a transition from representations of the existing cityscape to images of the ocean’s open horizon. A zoetrope is a 19th Century optical device that creates the illusion of motion by spinning a progressive set of still images. For the artist, the horizon is a symbol not only of the limits of our knowledge, but also the potential of our imagination to understand beyond sensory experience. The animation of Active Turn is subtle, initially echoing the skyline behind it; the images will provide a transportive opportunity to glimpse an open skyline while contemplating the unfamiliar.

For more information on this artist, see Freya Powell’s Artist Profile