George Wyllie

    Exhibition: Artists Choose Artists

    The New York Spire, 1987

    Wood, stone, potato peeler

    16' x 7' x 7'

    This spire is in continuation of a series already erected in the United States, Britain, Spain and Germany. The Inspiration: "Why this is the only thread on which our dear planet is suspended in space." Jean Arp. The Aspiration: "So wie der Mensch nicht da ist sondern erst entstehen muss, so muss auch die Kunst erst entestehen, denn es gibt sie noch nicht." Joseph Beuys. ("Uneasily" translated: "Just as the human race has not arrived, art has not arrived, therefore, art has not yet begun.") Dedicated to Socrates, Daphne (bless her), Pat and Del, and to potato-peelers everywhere.
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