Hadrien Gérenton & Loup Sarion

    Exhibition: The Socrates Annual 2019


    Epoxy, fiberglass, pigment, marble stone, steel

    203 x 128 x 82 inches

    Hadrien Gérenton and Loup Sarion’s 'THE BIG SLEEP' presents an incongruous apparition for a New York City park—an enormous blue nose emerging like a hill from the ground. A translucent pink lizard sits at the threshold of one of the nostrils with its head engulfed inside the orifice. Evocative of multi-layered meanings of myths, fairytales, and origin stories, the piece invites both playful musings and psychoanalytic interpretations.
    Supported in part by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.
    To hear the artists speak about their work, dial 646-217-4440 then press 9#
    Photography by Rafael Fondeur and Scott Lynch

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