Hugh Hayden

    Exhibition: Off-site: Fact of the Matter

    Untitled (Installation), 2013

    India Blue Peacock feather on dowel and ash bark; Shar-tailed Grouse feather on log; India Blue Peacock feathers on Realtree Advantage Classic Camouflage Fabric; Untitled (peacock 1),

    Dimensions Variable

    Exhibition: EAF12: 2012 Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition

    American Hero #4, 2012

    1965 Ford Mustang, acrylic, synthetic hair, resin

    Dimensions Variable

    For American Hero #4, Hayden pointedly exploits and clashes vernacular forms, visually reinterpreting and reimagining potentially contradictory notions of culture. Contemporary African-American identity, represented by two stripes of cornrowed hair, is placed squarely within a symbol of classic Americana, a Ford Mustang muscle car. The appropriation, though odd and humorous at first glance, expresses the artist’s hopes for a fresh unprocessed context for understanding and interpreting contemporary and historic cultures.

    Special Thanks: Maaco Collision Repair and Auto Painting

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