Group II, 1989SteelThree sculptures: 10' × 3' × 4'; 16' × 2 1/2' × 6'; 8' × 4' × 10'

After many years of building abstract and kinetic works, the coincidence of the development of my figurative steel pieces and the growth of Socrates Sculpture Park provided the chance to build and exhibit a group of female warriors. Thanks to SSP, they find themselves in a strange surrounding. My figures, welded from industrial pipes, stand in a wasteland before Manhattan as if coming from nowhere, ancient icons, mythic robots with a gloom of humor. Helpless yet hopeful, powerful yet fragile, they are waiting: aggressive, passive, passive-aggressive…yet are nothing other than pipes with a touch of gesture.


May 7, 1989 – Mar 11, 1990 Sculpture City