Ilan Averbuch

    Exhibition: Sculptors Working

    Song of Love and Hate, 1988

    Wood, stone, steel, earth

    16' x 30' x 40'

    Songs are personal expressions of feelings. When we think of the individual that writes or sings them or about ourselves, rather than about a theory or a movement. I would like you, my friend or critic, to think like this about "Song of Love and Hate."
    Exhibition: 10th Anniversary, Part 2

    Doubts, 1994

    Wood, stone, lead

    12" x 280" x 60"

    Doubts 1995 was created when the Middle-East process started. I realized the monumentality of the event, and with it, the painful ups and downs of such a great turn in history. A horizontal branch that carries its own enormous weight -- barely hovering on the horizon line -- questioning growth, gravity and the scale of objects we think we know so well.
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