Isamu Noguchi

    Exhibition: L.I.C., NYC

    Pierced Seat/Pierced Table, 2007

    Hot-dipped galvanized steel

    31" x 14" x 17" and 22 1/4" x 37" x 37"

    Exhibition: 10th Anniversary, Part 1

    Atomic Haystack, 1982

    Hot-dipped galvanized steel

    48" x 46.75" x 16.25"

    Courtesy of the Isamu Noguchi Foundation. From the catalogue Noguchi produced specifically for the series of hot-dipped galvanized steel works made wiith Gemini G.E.L. November 11, 1982. "May I say that these (hot-dipped galvanized steel) sculptures are like short poems pertaining to California where I was born and to the world I have known." I.N. 1982
    Exhibition: 10th Anniversary, Part 2
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