Retribution, 2009Wood, gold leaf, herbs15' × 12' × 6'

The artist has built a corral-like structure, which upon closer inspection, the viewer will notice, is slightly askew and lends a forced perspective. The corral, treated in gold leaf, is a physical recreation of imagery that appears on the medieval Unicorn Tapestries. The myth of the unicorn and its capture, as told in Western historical tradition, references basic themes found in Christianity, and courtly love and marriage. The artist creates the fence structure as a monument to the unicorn and the maiden able to tame it, thereby highlighting the power of the female. The installation will also function as a garden with pomegranate trees and other herbs known for restorative properties, which visitors are invited to pick for their own use.

Special thanks to Studio Sumo and Plant Specialists


May 10 – Aug 2, 2009 State Fair