Jörg Schulze-Bünte

    Exhibition: International Young Sculptors Program

    East River Depth, 1991

    Aluminum, steel, plastic buoys

    10'9" x 6'6" x 6'6"

    Lives in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany. I try to include the water of the East River into the Park, while I give a new definition of the Sculpture Park's limits. The position of the buoy is the cutting-point of the West -- and the North limit of the Park. With a mark on the top of the sculpture that shows the depth of the East River at this point (24') I try to let the spectator experience the space below the waterline. I want to do site-specific sculptures that concentrate upon a sensitive dealing with the circumstance, expecially with the architecture.
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Socrates is open 365 days a year from 10am to sunset.