Wreck O’ Paintings, 1998Wood, fabric, polyurethane, paint11.6' × 20' × 8'

Space is a problem. Storage is a problem. The past is gone. The future is not here. The present is full of old stuff from the past and how you deal with it now is going to shape the future. Dominos, Wreck O’Paintings: The Socratic Method? started out as my own personal pile of rubble that I was sifting through bit by bit. No direction. No idea. So as I’m sorting all this old trash I’m beginning to see things, to make associations. The feelings need to be reconciled to the facts. Wreckoncile. What is dead? What is alive? Rez-e-wreck-shun. It’s complicated. It’s a big jigsaw puzzle, but I can’t see the picture. But, maybe it’s not what you paint, but how you frame it. Maybe then you see it. I had a rack of old paintings, collecting dust. Why not put them in a field? Why not let them see the light of day? Why not Socrates Park? See what happens. It’s Socratic Irony. Clever questions. Conspicuous errors. Answers? The sun beats down all day. Moonbeams steal brainwaves. But, I’m in the shade with a cool Costco Cola.


Sep 20, 1998 – Apr 15, 1999 All That is Solid