Self-Sufficient Barnyard (The annual amount of livestock needed to feed a family of four), 2004Expanded polystyrene foamSteer: 64" × 76" × 34"; Pig: 33" × 51" × 15"

Self-Sufficient Barnyard is an installation of 42 life-sized animals carved out of Styrofoam. Originally produced and shown at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art in Ridgefield, CT, the installation includes 3 pigs, 3 sheep, 1 steer, 30 chickens, and 5 rabbits, all deliberately sculpted to resemble computer-generated animals. The colorless, 3-dimensional digitized forms are a high-tech reference to a life lived off the land. The juxtaposition of the automated construction and man-made materials to the organic forms they represent is an analogy for modern life and an indication of how far removed we are from our sources of sustenance.


May 15 – Jun 12, 2005 Open Space: Jon ConnerJon Conner