Lukás Rittstein

    Exhibition: International 97

    Birds, 1997


    320 cm x 300 cm x 280 cm

    The sculpture has the form of two absurdly combined birds -- the dove from the cemetary, whose direction is down to the earth, is a symbol often found engraved on people's tombstones in Europe; and a rubber ducky looking to the sky, evoking early childhood and the beginnings of our life cycle. This contrast expresses a sort of bitter reality and one's journey from birth to death. The dove came from the cemetary where I was walking with my mother; the cemetary was destroyed by vandals, and the dove I found later thrown in a flower bed by a bus stop. The baby duck is from my abandoned house, where I was playing with my friends. I found him there in the dust. I envision my sculpture as puffs of cloulds which came together as though by chance. It corresponded also with the technology of hot-air balloons.
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