Fix It!, 2009Blue painted plywood walls, I-beams, wood, bricks, cinder blocks, scaffolding, concrete, wheel barrows, toolbox, corrugated metal shed and HD-video16' × 40' × 32'

Simulating at first glance a construction site, Lynnerup’s project “Fix It” is on one hand pointing our attention to the many new development of luxury condos and apartment complexes in New York, that has stalled and are now lying half finished as a result of the recession and lack of funding, which is also a common sight in the area around the Socrates Sculpture Park. The uncertainty and the overwhelming strange presence of the unused fenced off properties is in “Fix It” paired up with Lynnerup’s video recordings of a wide range of objects being repaired from school buses and Persian carpets repair to laundry cart and music instrument repairs, which can be viewed through different peep holes cut-out in the fence surrounding Lynnerup’s construction site.