Marius Ritiu

    Exhibition: The Socrates Annual 2019

    Rock and Roll (Sisyphus – Part II),

    Hammered copper sheet, steel, shopping cart

    300 x 90 x 60 in

    Marius Ritiu’s 'Rock and Roll (Sisyphus – Part II)' is a towering oblong hammered-copper rock sitting in a Costco shopping cart that the artist imagines as a meteorite fallen from interstellar space. Inspired by a surreal chance encounter with an outlying boulder on a street in Antwerp and its subsequent rescue by shopping-cart, the artist re-creates a similar scene at Socrates. Mottled with various glimmering patinas of blue-greens, pinks, and browns, the rock evinces an alchemical and otherworldly aura.
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Socrates is open 365 days a year from 10am to sunset.