‘Chromakey Supranational’, Dyed textiles, plaques8 flags, each 36 × 60 inches, display dimensions variable
*This work has been removed from view for conservation purposes.

In ‘Chromakey Supranational’ Martina Onyemaechi Crouch-Anyarogbu (MOCA) deconstructs nationalist imagery and symbolism through a series of newly composed flags for nation states with a legacy of Colonialism printed in wax-resist dye technique. This style, most closely associated with post-Independence commemorative cloths of East and West Africa, harbors its own Colonial history, as a product of the Dutch adaptation of Indonesian batik textile craft to a product for machine manufacture. The flags are paired with plaques baring museum-like formulaic interpretive descriptions further interrogating national narrative-building institutions.

Photography by Scott Lynch



Oct 5, 2019 – May 17, 2020 The Socrates Annual 2019