Soon, 1994Concrete87" × 148" × 107"

The piece I made for this show seems to be quiet and unobsstructive in spite of its mass, weight and roughness. Sometimes people will not realize it is a sculpture until it’s mentioned. All this is somehow very satisfying to me, and a welcome reflection on the loud environment we live in.

Wild Slide, 1996Stainless steel, black concrete8' × 10' × 12'

I know of few places in N.Y.C. where people play on sculptures and artists practice with freedom. Socrates Sculpture Park is a place for regaining spirituality and exploring desperately needed expressions of personal liberty. Everyday Socrates artists are working and everyday the local community and foreign visitors enjoy watching artists at work as well as the finished pieces by many local and international artists alike. First time visitors drop their mouths open, kids run joyously to the next sculpture, and artists anxiously embrace the vast space presented to them. My work has benefited tremendously from the open environment at Socrates. There is the ability to work large, and a supportive attitude that has helped me the most. My process begins with logic and mathematical order; normally a sheet of stainless steel. Evolving shapes come from my gut and are not intended to be known or comfortable but should ask questions and be both beautiful and ugly. Mathematics is my alphabet and sensual expression my language. I tend to view things scientifically, both macro and microscopically. The resulting forms do not seem mathematical, as they began, yet the path from a simple equation to a sensual object is the thrill that drives my work.


Oct 9, 1994 – Apr 5, 1995 International 94