Wayfinding: 100 NYC Public Sculpture, 2012100 signs for NYC public sculpture, distance drawn from GPS coordinates between each sculpture and wooden post at Socrates Sculpture Park99” × 39” × 39” (each post)

Wayfinding: 100 NYC Public Sculpture is a site-specific project that guides viewers without the need for travel or motion and questions how a journey within a specific geographic sphere can be a work of art in itself. The installation is composed of 100 directional signs, each with a drawing of a public sculpture in New York City and the distance (mapped with GPS coordinates) between the source-sculpture and the sign at Socrates. Viewers participate in this project by experiencing each original sculpture, whether through the original works or their representational drawn counterparts, calling attention to the space between object and audience.

Special Thanks: Janet Zweig, María Elena González, Arianne Gelardin, Bob Herschenfeld, Steve Antonelli, and Jan Mun

View the downloadable map online at: