Riccardo Biondi

    Exhibition: Sculpture City

    Avi, 1989


    Three sculptures: 9'9" x 12" x 12"; 10' 8"x 10" x 17"; 10'3" x 11" x 17"

    They are personages, personifications, man's internal "Demons" (1), direct descendents of personified gods, of monoliths, dolmen, monoblocks -- abstract and animistic at the same time; external signs contemporaneous with an internal unconscious millions of years old. Representations of three of many symbols, of the internal characteristics of man: the first of the capacity to abstract, transcend; the middle one (descendent of Pan, the devil) of irrationality, of sun and unexpected panic; the third of man's search for coherence, his "justifications," rationalizations: it is a soldier of religion, a "bishop," struck, however, by a kaceratuib wgucg danages this coherence. It is also the theme of division, as the positive tension of the tendency towards unity (2), and as the knowledge of the impossibility of obtaining such monotheistic coherence and unicity (3.) (1) In the Greek sense, an entity which unexpectedly possesses you and guides your actions beyond your understanding and will. (2) Also of the internal with the external. (3) It is the monoteistic religions that tend toward this coherence, which crush all the aspects, the "demons," in oneself, ....it is the politheistic religions that left and leave space for all the facets of the human being.
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