Risa Puno

    Exhibition: State Fair

    The Big Apple Showdown Spectacular, 2009

    Interactive mixed media installation

    Dimensions variable

    The artist infuses contests with content based on urban living, thus highlighting the idea of competition, which is typical of many State Fairs. On various event days, the artist will orchestrate a series of games that will be open to the public and designed to celebrate everyday city skills and knowledge. Examples include: The Subway Stop-Off, a spelling bee-type competition where contestants are asked to name successive train stops to win pre-filled Metro Cards, and The Masters of Multi-Tasking, a timed contest where park visitors scramble through an obstacle course while doing things like sending text messages, drinking coffee, and eating a slice of pizza. The structures and obstacle courses humorously reference the urban environment and remain on view even when they are not activated by play. Special thanks to Emilie Boisman, Talisman Brolin, Kaila Bulfin, Kanik Chung, Isaiah King, Jenny Piette, Max Scoppettone, and Ivette Zighelboim
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