Blazing Timber, 1997Wood, metal10'6" × 9' × 12'
Silver Horses with Wings, 1991Wood, steel20' × 21' × 3'

Socrates Sculpture Park provided an opportunity to create a work that is not possible in my studio. I became very aware of the energy emanating from this Park, characterized by calmness with vitality. To recognize this energy is the direct verification of the effect from activities partaken by all artists, staff and people who are dedicated to this park. The creative process in such a milieu provides an artist with an unknown guide of force. The sculpture is directed east-west to capture the light of the day. The calligraphic shadow on the ground, on a sunny day, transcends the three dimensional physicality to another dimension. The light is the sculpture. I would like to thank Mark and Enrico and all the staff at Socrates Sculpture Park for their unremitting commitment to art. And to thank all of the artists and friends for their advice and cooperation.


Sep 28, 1997 – May 1, 1998 International 97
Apr 28, 1991 – Apr 26, 1992 Grass Roots Art Energy