Social Dress New Orleans- 730 days after, 2007Latex, cheesecloth, pigment, surface materials from house, PVC pipe, grommets, wire18' × 17' × 32'

Takashi Horisaki’s Social Dress New Orleans – 730 days after, came from his deep concern for New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. Horisaki spent his first three years in America living in New Orleans, LA, eventually earning a BFA from Loyola University. His visit to New York in June 2006 made him realize how much those of us living outside of the victimized area fail to grasp the reality of the tragedy suffered by New Orleans residents and the glacially slow recovery process. Conversations with his professor in New Orleans inspired this project, “He told me how difficult it is for him to make his own artwork still, and I wondered if I, a neutral person- not exactly an outsider, but with some perspective on the situation- could express their feelings through my sculpture.”


Jul 29 – Oct 28, 2007 Open Space: Takashi HorisakiTakashi Horisaki
May 6 – Aug 5, 2007 L.I.C., NYC